The Rockford Grange #501 was established in 1913 and when the current Grange building was built in 1921 it was listed as the largest Grange in the state of Oregon. This Grange, #501, has had many names during its 100 years, including Park Grange and West Hood River Grange- at one time there were over 200 active Grange members.

Since WWII rural life and subsequently the Grange have been on the decline as people left the country for urban areas. Many Granges during this period were lost and the Granges that remain question where they fit into modern culture. The Rockford Grange believes that bringing families and neighbors together is of enduring value to people, and the spaces where we gather are to be protected. The roots of the Grange is agriculture and in our modern way we honor that by reviving a culture of food, by hosting Potlucks with Grange members, hosting Seed Saving workshops, partnering with Gorge Grown on a Farmer Film Series and more. Join us. Become a member and together we will nurture community in Hood River.


Hood River and Beyond

The Grange is a family, community organization with its roots in agriculture. The original Grange was founded in 1867, formed as a national organization with a local focus. Granges, including Rockford, were instrumental in bringing needed services to rural areas, such as postal service, utilities, farm supplies (Montgomery Ward & Grange Supply became Hood River Supply), rural fire protection, state agriculture schools such as OSU and their Extension services, 4H and FFA- and the list goes on.

The Grange has four levels, Community, County or District, State, and National. Our local membership sets the direction and activities for the Community Grange in true grassroots fashion, and those decisions seep up to the national level.


Meet your Grange Officers



Aurora de Val

Proud of her family's farming heritage in the Philippines, Aurora loves growing food and sharing her passion for self-sufficiency as an OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer.  She joined the Rockford Grange in 2016 after being a guest speaker and meeting such friendly, community-minded members.  She is the newly elected Rockford Grange president, Farm Film Fest coordinator, and active member of our Legislative and Fill-Your-Pantry Market committees.  She taught English full-time at Portland Community College until she ditched her grading pens for seeds, compost, and trusty garden tools.


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Becki Montgomery



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Tom Hons



assistant steward

Danielle Vaughan

Danielle is an avid gardener and a jack of all trades. They are part of the social media team and starting the Rockford Grange Junior Grange Program. Volunteering in their community since they were a child, helping people and animals has always been a big part of their life. 





Bonnie Cox

Bonnie has been a grange member for __ years and is a key player in organizing many of our events. Bonnie Cox moved to Hood River from the Willamette Valley where she worked in various agricultural extension projects with area vegetable farmers and also farmed organically with a friend. Her two years of Peace Corps work in Bolivia further developed her interests in community development and marketing as she trained farmers in modern beekeeping methods and helped them get their new products to market.



Gate keeper

Eli Fried 

Eli has been a grange member since 2016 and jumped into the community head first. He serves as a gatekeeper for the Rockford Grange. He has been a farmer for close to 10 years and is a strong advocate for a healthy food system and creating a better world for smaller farms and all hands that grow our food.